SHIVDHARA Spinners & Spinners Pvt. Ltd. is well sought by Domestic and International markets. SHIVDHARA Spinners & Spinners Pvt. Ltd. produce Carded, Comded and Compact 100% Cotton Yarn with count range from 10 to 60's Ne, Export Quality Yarn for Knitting and Waving purpose.

SHIVDHARA Spinners & Spinners Pvt. Ltd. has Spinning project with capacity of 34000 Spindles produce 8500 Tones of Yarn Per Annum.

Well-qualified and experienced management team in the textile industries manages SHIVDHARA Spinners & Spinners Pvt. Ltd. The Management team is also supported by on experienced technical execution team and by professionally experienced directions on the board.


SHIVDHARA Cottex was established with a vision to provide Best Quality Cotton Fibers. We process raw cotton to gin and press in bale format. SHIVDHARA Cottex is Professionally managed company with strong and dynamic network in India and Worldwide.

SHIVDHARA Cottex is fully automised plant to produce contamination free cotton bale. We believe in adding a value to cotton by Maintaining Highest Standards of Quality. Our strong pressure in the global supply Chain in cotton with a focus on Asia Pacific is an important feature in the cap of our achievements.

SHIVDHARA Cottex is located at Gujarat, India, the place which totally cotton irrigation area. Ginning unit is equipped with high volume tester to follow the best benchmark in the
industry. Today SHIVDHARA group is fast growing company with a turnover 300000-350000 bales of cotton sales.


Xiamen Leadsfon Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Xiamen City with 33,600 square Meters of production base including 31,600 square meters workshop and office.Since 2002 Leadsfon has been cooperating with research institutions and domestic Universities in knitting machinery field. Through 10 years of in-depth study in the Knitting industry, Leadsfon has accumulated a wealth valuable experience of circular Knitting design, development and manufacturing. Base on a strong R & D team which Built with professional research institutions, the machines have reached the International advanced level in worldwide knitting industry.

Equipped with various types of high-end CNC manufacturing devices to ensure Leadsfon Provide the high quality world-class circular knitting machines. The accuracy and Interchangeability of knitting machine parts have been highly praised by international Peers.

As the world-famous Italian brand Pilotelli’s original design manufacturer, Leadsfon Has been providing core components of knitting machine and jointly developing Several models with Pilotelli since 2005. Over the years Pilotelli knitting machines Are highly recognized by domestic customers and laying the foundation for the global Market.

In 2014 Leadsfon took over Pilotelli's Chinese factory and follows the original strict Production process retaining the original assembly team. Also,Leadsfon engage top European technicals as our consultants and the entire manufacturing process adopts European standard. we grandly launch a high-end brand LEADSFON with high quality


KINGTEX, a big name in the Chinese textile machinery industry, as a widely recognized national brand,since the foundation in 1992,it experienced the baptism of social and economic tide ,as well as the rise and down of textile industry market. No matter what Changes, KINGTEX always blooming with brilliant light!

2015, Guangdong FengKai Machinery Co., Ltd. announced the reorganization. Meanwhile, Guangdong KINGTEX weaving Equipment Co.LTD set up,and undertake all weaving equipment business FengKai company , being "KINGTEX" trademark new inheritors.

BESTMAX AND FASTMAX With the perfect function of the international mainstream models,with a number of patented technologies,the machine technology reached the leading domestic and international advanced level,high speed,high efficient,intelligent,energy- saving,the maximum design speed 750rpm,Economic speed 550-650rpm.


Shivdhara Group Textile machines are highly-productive, absolutely precise and extremely reliable in operation.

We Provide Various concepts and special solutions for Raschel Warp Knitting Machines. We offers the possibility to decide between different machine concepts and construction series. According to your requirements, your strategic orientation and your special demands, you can take your best choice.

Now a days, warp-knitted fabrics are everywhere – in functional swimwear and sportswear, lace lingerie and net curtains, shoes, blood vessels, ships’ hulls and babies’ nappies – to mention just a few of the technical, semi-technical, fashion and home textiles produced on our machines.

The company develops individual solutions to meet individual challenges. When combined with Shivdhara's extensive range of services, the machine is able to guarantee future prosperity and security – as long as it carries the right label.

The Shivdhara Group works constantly at providing its customers with the best possible service – cvs worldwide and around the clock.

Shivdhara Group: We Knit Your Dreams.....